Mnemonic Principles - How to Boost your Memory for Exam Revision


Now, there are 2 key principles you are going to learn on this page. Then you can then have a go at using them in a second memory test - to see how useful they are. The two concepts are:

Peg Words - the structure of your memory's 'filing system'

Visualisation - the most powerful memory method for 'filing' things away safely

Pegwords are a way to 'format' your memory in order to file things away much more efficiently. Think of this like a filing cabinet - and Visualisation is a technique to file things securely away in this mental filing system.


Step 1 - Learning Mnemonic Peg Words

'Pegs' need to be easy to remember. Here's 10 pegs that you will find easy to log in your mind - because they rhyme with the numbers. E.g. One = Bun. Remember the Peg Words below. You are going to use your 'minds-eye' when you remember things in this tutorial - so you must read the peg words AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - SEE what the words relate to in your mind. You will probably need to close your eyes and concentrate on this. Use your imagination!

This visual picture in your minds-eye is the way your brain prefers to encode memories - rather than just dry, boring words. Spend a minute or two to learn these pegs. If you really dont have a few minutes now - print off the page if you like and come back later to:

List Position
Peg Word

Example of visual cue - make up your own though!

1. One
2. Two
3. Three
4. Four
5. Five
6. Six
7. Seven
8. Eight
9. Nine
10. Ten
Once you learn the pegs - you have 'formatted' a filing system in your mind. You will use these 10 pegs in the next memory test. You will be given the pegs also in the next memory test - so don't worry too much about learning them really thoroughly now.  

Step 2 - Remembering Things on the Pegs

This is done by forming a visual picture in your mind of the peg word interacting somehow with the word or concept that you need to remember. For example - if the first word on your list was 'Cat' - you could remember this by thinking of a cat in a bun (because this is the pegword for One) - meowing to get out - covered in relish and onions! Really SEE the cat and the bun in your 'Minds Eye' and embellish the image as much as you can - make it Memorable! It is much better if you use your own picture to represent each pegword - the ones above are just examples.


Your visual memory is VERY powerful. This is one of the keys to unlocking your intelligence. This is why normally people talk about memory recall in exams in terms of ' I could 'see' my notes', or 'I could just 'see' the diagram in the textbook'. Exam Genie merges this with several other powerful techniques to give you the best 'mind-software' for revision.

Now - it is very useful for you to see for yourself how this principle works. Take the next memory test. This will be similar in format to the first one - but we will provide you with the peg words as you need them - just to help you hook the words correctly. This is because it is your first time, and we are keen that you learn as much as you canl. But, it would be useful to make sure you know the pegwords above first - it wont take long to learn these. Close your eyes if this helps.

If you are not clear what to do - reread this page - then hit the link below to really make this work!

Take the Next Memory Test Using Mnemonics