What is 'Exam Genie'? How will it help my exam revision?

Proven Memory System

Exam Genie is an extremely powerful mental tool that will enable you to remember a huge amount of information quickly and easily. It will change the way you revise by teaching you proven memory methods (called 'mnemonics' in psychology). These are the same methods that 'Memory Experts' like Derren Brown use on TV.

Quick to Learn and Apply

Exam Genie has been developed specifically for students and pupils to achieve the best possible results in their exams, and will take only a few hours to learn. It is based on a established and practical system - it is NOT a course that takes weeks to master. Even if you revise well already - this will improve your approach even more. Exam Genie comprises a book and supporting paper-based materials.

The author of Exam Genie is a practicising psychologist and Member of the British Psychological Society. The principles that underlie Exam Genie are known to research psychology and are proven scientifically.

Full Money Back Guarantee

If you do not find that Exam Genie makes a massive improvement to your memory, cuts your revision-time or increases your confidence before exams - you can have your money back.


Remember a HUGE amount of things - in absolute order


Feel more RELAXED and CONFIDENT before exams

You will actually ENJOY studying and revising!

FREE YOUR TIME up - revision will take less time

Use the system to AMAZE your friends - an example: you can easily learn a 100 item shopping list in 30 mins

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